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Portable Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Portable Royal Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Completely portable, this incredibly attractive and authentic handmade Royal Wood Fired Oven is perfect for any garden or outdoor area. Not only will this oven look stunning in your outdoor space but is also highly efficient, fully insulated and very economical, using less wood that any other traditional ovens, heats up in less than 20 minutes, in a mere 20 minutes you can be cooking your favourite pizzas, which will only take around 60 seconds to cook! You can also cook dishes slowly for hours on a lower heat. Perfect for gatherings with friends and family thanks to the thermal safety properties, allowing you to touch the outside of the oven whilst at full temperature without burning yourself.

Product Dimensions (cm)

H 185 x W 80 x D 80 

Cooking Area (cm)


Product Weight (kg)