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IR Radiant Heater with WiFi (2.4kW, Black, IP66)

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IR Radiant Heater with WiFi (2.4kW, Black, IP66)



Our infrared radiant heaters with WiFi allow you to control the temperature at the touch of a button. Evergreen Pro infrared heaters are already the most efficient and reliable methods of heating an indoor or outdoor space, and this latest innovation makes them even easier to operate. Increase or decrease the level of heat, set time logs, control individual or multiple heaters across your home – it’s as simple as operating a remote control.


The Perfect Infrared Radiant Heaters with WiFi

Like all IR heaters from Evergreen Pro, this model looks amazing. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it easy to install on interior and exterior walls, or you can mount it to a stand for a portable heating solution. It can be used in a wide variety of settings, such as awnings, pergolas, and marquees, not to mention gardens, homes, offices, restaurants, and other venues.

The infrared radiant heater with WiFi is available in 2.4kW and provides even heat distribution to approximately 13.5 m2. It’s measurements are 1655mm × 189mm × 67mm, and it is suitable for mounting on vertical and horizontal mounting on walls and ceilings.


Energy-efficient infrared radiant heaters with WiFi

All our infrared radiant heaters offer great fuel and cost efficiency when compared with an equivalent gas heater. 95% of the energy supplied to the device is converted into radiant heat, which is not dissipated by the air or wind. Instead of heating the air in the room (as with a convection radiator), infrared radiant heaters provide even heat distribution, warming the person or object directly in their path within minutes of activation.

Our patented green technology radiant heaters are designed with the latest nano composite coated radiant panel and internal stainless-steel heating elements, making them more than 86% energy efficient.


Easy-to-install infrared heaters

So long as you leave sufficient space around the heater for the sake of safety, you can install these smart devices anywhere in your home or place of business. We supply full instructions with every purchase, along with the tools and brackets required to mount your new heater to the wall. You can also mount it to a specialist stand for greater portability


Built to last

Our infrared radiant heaters with WiFi are built using the best materials to ensure a long-lasting product. Designed to IP rating 66 level, they are completely waterproof and can even take a direct spray from a garden hose without being affected. All models are corrosion resistant, making them as durable in an outdoor environment as they are in an indoor setting.



All you IR heater functions can be accessed through the custom-built remote control. An LCD screen built into the control lets you see the current heating levels and settings at any time. Heat output too low or high? You can adjust it at the touch of a button by selecting one of the 4 pre-set heat levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power). Want to set a timer for your heater to switch on or off, even in your absence? You can do that too. Prefer to set an ambient temperature? The heater’s thermostat can be programmed to maintain your required heat.

Best of all your remote can be calibrated to connect with multiple Evergreen Pro heaters at once, giving you full command of an entire house-full of heating appliances. Since the heater connects directly to your WiFi, it can also be controlled using a dedicated app on your Android or iOS device. For shared spaces such as offices, group control allows multiple people to adjust the heater settings.

Our infrared radiant heaters with WiFi are in stock and ready for dispatch. Order online today for fast, free delivery across the UK.


Model Number: JHNR24-13w
Heat Area: 7.5-13.5 m2
Watts: 2400W (2.4kW)
Dimensions: 1655mm × 189mm × 67mm
Remote Control: Yes


Additional information


Power (Watts)

2400W (2.4kW)

IP Class



1655mm × 189mm × 67mm

Heat Area

7.5-13.5 m2

Model Number





Power 2400W (2.4kW)
IP Class IP66
Dimensions 1655mm × 189mm × 67mm
Heat Area 7.5-13.5 m2
Model Number JHNR24-13w

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