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Golden IR Outdoor Heater with Remote Control (2kW, 600mm, Black, IP67)

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Golden IR Outdoor Heater with Remote Control (2kW, 600mm, Black, IP67)



Our golden outdoor infrared heaters are popular among domestic customers and commercial client alike – and with good reason. Not only to they look fantastic with their black, white, or silver casing, they are so simple to install and operate. With a remote control in hand, you can adjust the heat easily, ensuring perfect temperatures for you and your guests throughout the day or night.

Our outdoor infrared heaters looks incredible, whether being used in a domestic or commercial setting. It’s sleek design and lightweight construction is equally at home in a private garden or a public venue like a restaurant, pub, or nightclub with an outdoor area for guests. Their reliable and silent operation also makes them a popular choice, whatever the setting.
The golden coloured filament generates a pleasant glow to complement the warmth created by the heater, which looks great in an outdoor setting.

All outdoor infrared heaters give off a pleasing orange glow thanks to the special gold coating that we apply to the heating filament tubes. Despite this, they still boast impressive energy efficiency, converting 95% of their consumption into clean, radiant heat. Since they rely on radiant heat, rather than convection, none of that warmth is lost into the atmosphere – you’ll be just as warm at 20 metres away as you will at 2 meters. This makes them considerably more efficient to run than a gas heater of comparable size.
Our outdoor infrared heaters are available with either 2kW or 2.5kW power output and reach maximum heat output in just 1-2 seconds. Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, each ultra-low-glare golden lamp provides around 7,000 hours of uninterrupted heat.

All of our outdoor infrared heaters come with full instructions and fittings to safely install them outside. The heater must be mounted in a well ventilated area:

  • There must be at least a 0.25m clearing between the heater and ceilings/roofs
  • There must be at least a 0.5m clearing between the heater and adjacent walls/fabrics
  • There must be at least a 1.8m clearing between the bottom edge of the heater and the floor

The mounting brackets make hanging your golden heater on an exterior wall a simple task. These brackets also include a hinge mechanism, allowing you to position your heater perfectly. If you prefer, mobile heater stands are also available. The lightweight design of our heaters makes it easy to fit them on their own stands.

Our golden infrared heaters are designed for outside use and, as a result, are built to withstand the elements. Their durable anodised aluminium body is corrosion-resistant, allowing it to hung outdoors for permanent use. In addition, the heater is certified to IP67 standard, meaning it is completely dust and waterproof. You can even hit the heater with a direct burst of water and it won’t be affected.

While our Golden Heater range comes with easy-to-access controls on the main unit, this model also includes a remote control for even easier operation. The heater has four pre-set heat settings (1=40%, 2=60%, 3=80% and 4=100%) that can be changed at the touch of a button, giving you full control over the amount of heat output for the duration of the time your heater is in use.
Our infrared outdoor heaters are provided with an extended two-year warranty for added peace of mind.
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Additional information


Power (Watts)

2000W (2kW)


2kW: 9.09 Amps



Infrared Life (Hours)


IP Class



670mm x 130mm x 100mm


Remote Control




Model Number : BH-2000 Model Number : RCH-2000/4 Model Number : RCH-2000/6 Model Number : RCH-2500/6
Power (kW) 2kW 2kW 2kW 2.kW
Size (mm) 400x130x100 470x130x100 470x130x100 670x130x100
Heat Area (m2) 10-20 10-20 10-20 12-24
Remote Control No Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Life (Hours) 7000 7000 7000 7000
IP Class IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Amps 9.09 9.09 9.09 11.3

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