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Canadian Spa St. Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa

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Canadian Spa St. Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa


For the Everyday Athlete

The Canadian Spa Company's 13ft St Lawrence XSport Swim Spa is uncompromising - providing the best of both worlds with a deluxe 10ft swim zone and five luxurious hydrotherapy seats in the premium spa zone. Indulge in this perfect blend of performance and comfort by allowing our stand-up massage to bring you into a world of bliss.

The ideal aquatic gym, this spa has an expansive streamlined swim tank with a flat, ergonomically designed anti-slip floor - allowing you the freedom to work out with a variety of fitness exercises. Create your perfect training environment with our adjustable settings: personalise the temperature, lighting colour and current strength to build your ultimate workout set-up.

Enjoy the spa as a family with the dual swim and spa zones - from spending a romantic evening under the stars to splashing about in summer fun, the St. Lawrence Swim Spa is the perfect addition to any home.

All Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas provide an unbeatable combination of great value, high-end features, and design which are sure to satisfy any household. Our swim spas come with valuable customer and technical support for the lifetime of the spa.


  • Digital Controls
  • Three powerful 5HP (continuous duty) pumps
  • Two beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfall
  • Bluetooth connection audio system
  • Ozone water purification system
  • Glacier filtration ensures crystal clear water
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • 200ft² Antimicrobial Glacier filter
  • Includes insulating locking hardtop cover, filters, 3-tier spa steps, swim tether & harness and kerbside delivery

Powerful Jets

The St Lawrence XSport boasts three powerful wide stream current generator jets in the swim zone, providing a strong continuous stream of water to aid straight and level swim with excellent resistance for aquatic therapy. Three 5HP pumps deliver 2190 litres per minute, with six air injection valves to further increase the pressure and a variety of control options allowing you to configure the current to perfectly match your personal preference.

39 adjustable hydrotherapy jets with a variety of massage styles connected to a premium WhiteWater Jet Delivery System in the spa zone can be individually adjusted to completely customise your massage to target the muscles you need after a workout. The 2.5" large bore plumbing allows for more efficient and powerful jets; The power can be shifted from the swim section to the spa zone for an extra strong massage.

LED Mood Lighting

The Aurora™ Premium LED Mood Lighting system features full control over the multicoloured lighting system in the spa - including 28 dazzling perimeter lights, two large underwater LEDs to illuminate the spa and the two beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfalls. This touch controlled synchronised lighting with mood effect options in a variety of colours is simple and easy to customise to enhance your spas' ambience.

Weather Resistant

Built of sturdy and durable acrylic, your swim spa’s shell is made to withstand years of outdoor life - both through the coldest depths of winter and the heavy heat of summer. With resistance to wear & tear, stains, superficial scratches, UV radiation, harsh weather and many household chemical, our spas are able to withstand almost any weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor use all year round. The shell is reinforced with fibreglass and the maintenance-free PCV wood-effect cabinet is requires no sanding or staining. The strong galvanised steel frame distributes weight evenly across the base of the spa. The base is constructed from marine-grade timber to prevent rot and pest intrusion.

Intuitive Digital Controls

The extra large overlay pad of the advanced digital Balboa control panel makes operating your spa a dream - easily adjusts jets, pumps and temperature with the simple touch of a button for a reliable and speedy performance.

Premium Shell Design

The 13ft St Lawrence XSport swim spa's swim zone features a wide, deep swim channel with an even-flowing current. Use the included sim tether and harness to keep yourself stable in more powerful current settings. The swim area has no protruding steps or seats, giving you maximum swimming space in the consistently smooth water without backsplash.


Never worry about your spa’s hygiene with Canadian Spa’s Mountain Pure™ sanitation system. 200ft² of filtration sifts contaminants from the water and in combination with the ozone purification system ensures your spa is always filled with crystal clear water. The acrylic shell is made to inhibit the growth of bacteria, leaving your spa cleaner for longer. Water is filtered before reaching critical components to reduce the risk of damage. The swim spa's hardtop cover prevents debris and insects falling into the water when the spa is not in use and the spa's skimmer basket catches any contaminates that do enter the water and passes them to the filters.

Energy Efficient

With a unique combination of innovations, the ThermalSprings™ Heat Reclamation System is designed to save money and energy by preventing heat loss and recycling sanitised water. High-density triple-layer foam insulation constructed of closed cells within the spa shell aids the active motor heat-retention to reduce heat loss through the acrylic shell. The 3kW Balboa heater is equipped with accurate smart sensors, able to shut off the heater within half a degree of your desired temperature. High-quality triple-layer insulation with infra-red reflection and thermal transfer blocks are present on the shell, cabinet and base of the spa. A Canadian Spa 5” to 3” thick hard-top winter-suitable cover with a 5” skirt and locking straps is included with the spa.


Relax to your favourite sounds with the 3.5mm connection audio system. The two slow-rise waterproof retractable speakers have built-in high fidelity amplifiers, delivering high volumes with clear acoustics. Keep your connected device safe in the dedicated waterproof compartment.

Persons 6 adults
Jets 39
Pumps 3 x 5HP
Size 390 x 228 x 137 cm (154" x 90" x 54")
Dry Weight 1060 kg (2335 lbs)
Filled Weight 6310 kg (13910 lbs)
Water Capacity 5250 litres
Electrics 50 Amp
Filter 200ft² Antimicrobial Swim Spa filter set
Heater 3kW Balboa
Material Acrylic
Sound System Bluetooth audio system
Lighting LED Mood Lighting
Warranty 2 years
Included Hardtop Locking Insulating Cover, Ozone Sanitisation System, 200ft² Antimicrobial filter set, LED Mood Lighting, Kerbside Delivery

The swim spa will be delivered on a flatbed truck - either a crane or a hiab will be required to move the spa to your desired location.
We do not include the hiring of a crane/hiab in the price of standard delivery - companies local to you will normally have the most competitive price. Many companies will provide a free quote - it is worth seeking quotes from several companies. You will need to supply them with the weight and size of the swim spa.
We are flexible with the time and date for delivery - if you have found a certain time slot where your crane/hiab is cheaper to hire, we will be able to sync with that time. The spa is a single lift item - this will usually take the crane/hiab 45-60 minutes.
Typical costs are £500-£1500 for a crane and £200-£400 for a hiab.


  1. Place your refundable deposit to secure your swim spa
  2. Measure and check fit and access
  3. Arrange for contractor help:
    1. Hire contractor to build suitable base
    2. Book certified electrician
    3. Hire crane/hiab to lift swim spa to final location
  4. Confirm the time and cost of delivery
  5. Balance payment


  1. Arrival of crane/hiab
  2. Swim spa is delivered
  3. Electrician is present onsite to wire spa
  4. Fill spa with cold water to headrest level
  5. Heat up spa (2 days)

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